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Modern design
- ultra
realistic 3D models
- high user experience
- simple, easy-to-use
Submeter accuracy
High performance
Bluetooth GNSS solution
spraying and fertilization
Decimeter accuracy
MachineryGuide PPP GNSS
decimeter pass-to-pass
customers all
around the world.

About us

MachineryGuide is an agricultural guidance application, which was developed for Android devices. With the help of the application the cultivated area and the overlaps can be displayed. The guidance application helps the farmer in edging along the ideal track by gearing to straight reference lines. Thanks to this software You do not have to invest your money in expensive and complete systems. Simply by buying the application and an antenna you can get a simple precision guidance appliaction, with the use of which you can reach significant yield growth in your farming. MachineryGuide software is a practical and innovative solution for all, primarily for small and medium sized, farms. By using our system you can increase the efficiency of your farming and the quality of your work. Optimize your fertilizer and pesticide usage, machine costs, work hours, and achieve savings up to 10%!


Use your smartphone or tablet for precision guidance and enjoy the application's graphics solutions.


Clear user interface, sleek design and easy operability help the simple and quick usage of the application.


The software cooperates with several antennas, you can use the built-in antenna, or you can buy receiver from us.



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Main Functions

MachineryGuide has a free, demo version that is available on Google Play. Each of the functions can be tried in this demo version, but real GPS device cannot be connected.

Guidance Patterns

Independently of the shape of your fields, MachineryGuide is the best choice for your farm, the software supports both sraight and curve guidance modes.

- A-B straight
- A-B headland
- A-B curve (Contour)
- A-B round curve

Visual section control

MachineryGuide offers visual section control function to minimise overlaps during the fieldwork.

- support up to 12 sections
- automatic and manual section turn-off functionality
- area measurement only calculates the area of sections that are turned on/enabled

Night mode

When the days are getting shorter, agricultural activities often continue after dark. With the help of night mode, MachineryGuide can now be used comfortably under such circumstances as well.

- working in bad environmental conditions
- working in dark

Job reports

The finished works’ full series of data can be exported from the software into PDF file, or into standard KML format. The KML export file can be opened in any free KML-viewer application. (Such as: GPX Viewer, Google Earth, etc.)

- detailed statistics about the result of finished works
- PDF and KML export possibility

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

The cloud-based service of MachineryGuideis is launched. Data stored on your tablet can be synchronised to our online system. This way, your data can be accessed on any computer.

In this system, several new functions added to the field management, and you can easily check data and paths of cultivated areas.

The long term goal of this improvement is to make easier managing the farming diary (or substitute it).

This function is accessible in testing-development mode at the moment. To participate in this testing, please send us an email.

GNSS Solutions

MachineryGuide provides GNSS solutions for submeter and decimeter accuracy categories. Theses solutions use free (SBAS) correction signals. Almost every agricultural activities can be performed with these level of accuracies, such as spraying, fertilization, ploughing etc.

Submeter GNSS receiver and antenna

- GPS, GLONASS, SBAS signals
- EGNOS/WAAS/MSAS correction
- Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
- 10Hz position update rate
- Nominal submeter pass-to-pass accuracy (typically 30-40cm)
- for spraying and fertilization

Machineryguide Decimeter Gnss

Decimeter GNSS receiver and antenna

- GPS, GLONASS, SBAS signals
- EGNOS/WAAS/MSAS and PPP corrections
- Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
- 10Hz position update rate
- Excellent multipath error rejection
- Nominal decimeter pass-to-pass accuracy (typically 10-20cm)
- Absolute accuracy <1m
- for harvesting, ploughing etc.

Automatic Section Controller

BSC Sprayer Section Controller

Besides the visual section control function, the MachineryGuide software is capable to automatically control electrical section valves with the new BSC module.

- section control up to 10 valves
- compatible with 3-wire electronic valves
- the controller can connect to multiple displays
- easy installation

Our Prices

Try the demo version MachineryGuide guidance with free via Google Play. (The free version can not connect to a real GPS device, but all the functions of the program can be tested.)


Afflield Ltd., Hungary, 1184 Budapest Aranyeső u. 8.

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